Frost Heave Prevention

Frost Heave Prevention systems can prevent the ice buildup in the ground underneath cryogenic tanks. Ice buildup can cause problems such as unwanted or uncontrolled movement or elevation of the tank.

Frost Heave Prevention System – A Complete Heat Management System Approach

nVent Thermal Management offers a frost heave prevention system that can prevent frost heave by applying thermal insulation around cryogenic tanks and by applying electric heat trace cables to the concrete layers underneath the tank.

We engineer and design a complete turnkey freezer frost heave system that includes heat trace cables, a power distribution system, and a control and monitoring system to fit your unique application.  Our solutions work on all types of large diameter storage tanks including:


  • Above Ground Tanks
  • Underground Tanks
  • Above Ground Tanks with Ground Fill to Top
  • Tanks with load bearing thermal insulation (usually Foamglas) supporting the tank

nVent Thermal Management can design the most optimized Frost Heave Prevention system for you by applying thermal analyses modeling and optimized heating technology. In the design we take several parameters into consideration, including:

  • Tank heating requirements to maintain the fluid temperature
  • Heating system characteristics and heating element spacing underneath the tank
  • Bottom insulation thickness and thermal conductivity
  • Project specific requirements

When our advanced products are combined with our engineering services, you get an integrated solution that is strategically planned and executed for an optimum heat management system (HMS).

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