Tank Heating

Tank-Heating.jpg Tank heating systems are used for freeze protection and maintaining fluid temperatures in small, medium and large-volume, industrial storage tanks and vessels. Typical applications for tank heating systems and vessels include:

  • Freeze protection of low and medium viscosity fluids (e.g. water, ammonia)
  • Temperature maintenance for medium viscosity fluids (e.g. oils, resins)
  • Crystallization prevention (e.g. caustic soda)
  • Condensation prevention (e.g. fly ash in conical bases of silos)
  • Specialty applications that include heat-up, high viscosity fluids and agitation applications
Tank Heating – A Complete Heat Management System Approach

Tank heating systems can be quite varied. For this reason, nVent Thermal Management offers a wide range of technologies to optimize your vessel or tank heat trace system, in addition to turnkey services.

Heat Trace System
  • Electric heat trace cables - heat trace cables that maintain temperature of non-flowing fluids by replacing the heat lost through thermal insulation on vessels or tanks
  • Advanced control systems - devices such thermostats, controllers, and electric panels that monitor and or control heat trace cables to help maintain the temperature of the fluid through a heat traced pipe
  • Connection kits and accessories such as power connection kits, end seals, aluminum tape and labels

We can supply the individual components, provide engineering and design and even install and maintain the entire tank heating system.

When our advanced products are combined with our services, you get an integrated solution that is strategically planned and executed for an optimum heat management system (HMS) . By managing and executing all aspects of the heat trace system design and installation, we provide a single interface to your project team.

The heating requirements for industrial storage tanks and vessels vary depending on such things as:  tank contents, type, diameter, height, and maintain temperature.

Proven Reliable Tank Heating System


nVent Thermal Management offers a variety of integrated technologies to meet your specific tank heating needs. We are the world leader in heat tracing solutions. We have sold over one billion feet of nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating heat trace cable and are known for technical leadership and expertise in polymer science and radiation cross-linking. Our nVent PYROTENAX mineral insulated heat trace cable has been an industry leader for over 75 years. And, we offer the most advanced line of heat trace control and monitoring systems.

Design Flexibility

Our tank heating systems offer a variety of temperature ranges to design to any application requirements. The tank heating pad and heat trace cable solutions allow for design on all storage tanks types and dimensions.

Easy Installation

RAYCHEM self-regulating and power-limiting heat trace cables are easy to handle and install.  They can readily accommodate design adjustments between specifications and actual on-site installation needs.

Superior Toughness

PYROTENAX MI heat trace cables and non-heating cold leads are manufactured with a seamless sheath of Alloy 825 and have proven their reliability of service. MI provides a heat trace cable solution with superior robustness and reliability in extreme environments

Premiere Heat Management System Services

A properly designed Heat Management System is complicated. Let our heat trace experts provide you with turnkey solutions and project management through all phases of your tank heating project to ensure that you stay on schedule and have an optimal heat trace system that will provide you with many worry-free hours of operation.

  • nVent Thermal Management is a global organization with a complete line of heat tracing systems, superior technical support, proven project execution strategies, and high safety standards, making us an ideal partner for our customers worldwide who benefit from our expertise, products, and services to meet their heat management system needs.

Self-Regulating Technology

nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating electric heat trace cables (BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV) are ideal for tank heating systems when design and installation flexibility are required.  RAYCHEM self-regulating heat trace cables:

Self regulating

  • Can maintain temperatures to 300°F (150°C)
  • Can be cut to length on site
  • Can be overlapped without the risk of overheating
  • Have a T-rating per national electrical codes
  • Include state-of-the-art RAYCHEM connection kits that are easy to install, do not need a hot work permit, and do not use hazardous materials such as RTV

Power-Limiting Technology

RAYCHEM power-limiting electric heat trace cables (VPL) are ideal for tank heating systems requiring high power output at elevated temperatures and requiring field installation flexibility to accommodate small tank structure or design modifications.  RAYCHEM power-limiting heat trace cables:


  • Can maintain temperatures to 300°F (150°C)
  • Can withstand exposure temperatures to 500°F (260°C)
  • Are flexible and can be cut to length on site
  • Distribute heat evenly and widely over the heat-traced surface
  • Include state-of-the-art RAYCHEM connection kits that are easy to install, do not need a hot work permit, and do not use hazardous materials such as RTV silicones

Mineral Insulated (MI) Technology

RAYCHEM mineral insulated electric heat trace cables are ideal for tank heating systems in tough mechanical environments requiring high power at elevated temperature and even heat distribution. RAYCHEM mineral insulated heat trace cables:


  • Can maintain temperatures above 300°F (150°C)
  • Can withstand exposure temperatures that exceed 500°F (260°C)
  • Are pre-terminated
  • Distribute heat evenly and widely over the heat-traced surface

Tank Heating Pad Technology

RAYCHEM tank heating pads (RHS) are ideal for tanks requiring high wattage density. RAYCHEM RHS tank heating pad systems:


  • Can maintain temperatures up to 200°F (93°C)
  • Have a constant power output
  • Are available with two power densities, making them suitable for both metal (lined and unlined) and plastic tanks
  • Distribute heat through convection in the fluid (natural or agitated)
  • Contain a sealed, self-resetting, over-temperature thermostat

Advanced Control Systems and Power Distribution Systems

The selection of the appropriate control and monitoring and power distribution system options also heavily depend on your specific tank heating system requirements.

Tank Heating Product Selection Matrix
RHS Tank Heating Matrix
nVent Thermal Management Provides Single Source Heat Management System for Biodiesel Terminal in Canada
Key Challenges

A Large Global Gas & Oil company decided to expand their biodiesel terminal in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in order to store B100, a pure biodiesel product. As biodiesel has a higher gel point than regular diesel, it requires a more precise temperature.


nVent Thermal Management provided a complete turnkey heat management system (HMS) for the piping as well as the heat tracing and insulation of the tank. The project was managed out of the Kitchener Services office in Canada and they utilized resources and talent from service centers in Houston and Edmonton to complete the project on schedule.


The project entailed a detailed heat tracing design in combination with insulation on the B100 tank. nVent RAYCHEM XTV heating cable was used for its design flexibility to maintain an accurate temperature; nVent TRACER Trac-Loc, a vertical lock-seam tank insulation system, was used to insulate the tank.


The comprehensive design was easily integrated within the customer’s timeframe and provided the accuracy required.

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