nVent RAYCHEM communication wire MONI-RS485-Wire


The RAYCHEM MONI-RS485-WIRE is braided and shielded type cables suitable for RS485 data transmission. Screen continuity and polarity must be maintained throughout the entire communication network. Connections must be made at each panel in accordance with the details provided in the appropriate product manual.

Technical Specifications

General Cables suitable for IEA RS-485 communications.
Typical use RS485 communications, In- and outdoors
Conductors Tinned Copper conductors, 24AWG (7 x 0.20 mm)
Insulation Polyethylene (PE)
Pairing Twisted pair
Screening Aluminum polyester tape; Tinned Copper Braid (90% coverage)
Jacket Type
-MONI-RS485-WIRE-B1- and MONI-RS485-WIRE-B2 made of PVC (Polyvinylchloride)
-MONI-RS485-WIRE-ZHB1- and MONI-RS485-WIRE-ZHB2 made of LSOH
Temperature range –30°C to +80°C
Conductor resistance 80 Ohm/km @ 20°C
Capacitance 45 Pf/m (measured between conductors)


Connection and Protection