Tank Heaters

nVent Thermal Management provides a wide selection of heat-tracing solutions for tank and vessel heating applications. Our tank heaters are used for freeze protection and maintaining fluid temperatures in small, medium and large-volume, industrial storage tanks. Typical applications for electrical heat tracing of tanks and vessels include: Freeze protection of low and medium viscosity fluids (e.g. water, ammonia), temperature maintenance for medium viscosity fluids (e.g. oils, resins), crystallization prevention (e.g. caustic soda), condensation prevention (e.g. fly ash in conical bases of silos), specialty applications that includes heat-up, high viscosity fluids and agitation applications.

Tank heating applications can be quite varied. For this reason, nVent Thermal Management offers a wide range of technologies to optimize your tank heaters and vessel heat-tracing system. The technologies include: self-regulating heating cables, power-limiting heating cables, mineral insulated heating cables and tank heating pads.

Connection and Protection