nVent TRACER Trac-Loc is a vertical lock-seam tank insulation system that is ideal for large, flat-bottomed tanks used to store temperature sensitive materials. This system provides excellent protection against temperature fluctuations and is effective in reducing heat loss or gain to stored fluids. The Trac-Loc tank insulation system is unique due to its vertical seam design, panel construction, and installation techniques. Its advanced interlocking panel system consists of pre-fabricated panels of insulation and jacketing material. These panels, fabricated to the height of the storage tank, include flanges that are mechanically seamed to an adjacent panel. This mechanical seam creates a homogeneous jacket that not only secures the panels to the storage tank, but also reduce moisture ingress, has superior wind resistance, and has inherent expansion and contraction properties. Panels are fabricated by laminating insulation material to a preformed jacket. Insulation can be made up of one or more insulating materials. Jacket materials used are industry standards.

Additional Benefits of the TRACER Trac-Loc Tank Insulation System :

  • Elimination of scaffolding
  • Designed for hurricane force winds
  • Continuous 360° interlocking seams
  • Maintenance-free system
  • Improved aesthetics

Technical Specifications

Jacket (Cladding)
Aluminum* 0.024 in (0.6 mm)
Stainless steel 0.016 in (0.4 mm)
Coated steel 0.018 in (0.45 mm)
Galvalume 0.024 in (0.6 mm)

*Jacket material can be coated for corrosive environments and colored for aesthetics.

Fiberglass K = .24 BTU • In/Hr • Ft • °F Tmax = 850°F (454°C)
Cellular Glass K = .30 BTU • In/Hr • Ft • °F Tmax = 900°F (482°C)
Polyisocyanurate K = .19 BTU • In/Hr • Ft • °F Tmax = 250°F (121°C)
Mineral Wool K = .26 BTU • In/Hr • Ft • °F Tmax = 1200°F (649°C)
Calcium Silicate** K = .34 BTU • In/Hr • Ft • °F Tmax = 1200°F (649°C)
Expanded Perlite** K = .34 BTU • In/Hr • Ft • °F Tmax = 1200°F (649°C)

** Used for double layer composite insulation applications only.
Notes: K-Factor based on 100°F (38°C) mean temperature, per manufacturer data sheets.

Connection and Protection